Morgan Plus 4 Super Sports

Morgan Plus 4 Super Sports

Morgan plus 4 Supersport


15 th day in 1997

Pubicité sale of this vehicle in 1997 by the importer West coast Denis RJ Glavis.

The sixth  SS built, one of the first shipped to Lew Spencer imports, the Morgan Distributor ans SCCA race champion for years; the vehicle was raced in SCAA in the 60"s; then acquired by Lee Spencer in the 70"s, later acquired by it's last (local) owner, Air Force General al Santos, one of the founders of CSRG, who slowly restored the vehicule over a 13 year period.
This vehicule has 65 miles on a full body off chassis up restoration (except paint) including a 158 HP dynoed engine (the original block).
Right hand drive, full roll bar, catch tanks, this represents a unique opportunity to acquire one of the rarest, most exciting examples of Britain's finest automobile hour.


The Morgan has been loaded and secured in the ocean container and delivered to the docks in Oakland for loading on board the vessel this week end.
The vessel "Cho Yang Success" Voyage EA745, is scheduled to sail from Oakland on Monday, October 6th, and will arrive Le Havre on Sunday, November 2 nd. 


23 rd December 1997


French registration Authorities


Further to your enquiry regarding chassis number 4884, we can confirm that from our archived records, on 31.08.61, a Morgan Plus 4 Super Sports, with chassis number 4884, engine number TS8211X, gearbox number 257x HR and axle number C61-80, RHD,was despatched new to Lew Spencer Imports, Los Angeles.


This car was one of the series of Super Sports models built at our factory from 1961 to 1968; this particular car was supplied as a 2-seater, and equipped with a Triumph TR4 2138cc engine. She was fully road legal and approved in 1961


We trust that this will assist you with the registration of your car, and thank you for your enquiry.


Yours Faithfully


Mark Ledington


Morgan Motor Company Limited



Cooling system with separate water box .

Supersport front axle

Black leather bucket seats

Large exhaust line 2 and 4 stainless

Petrol cap Le Mans 24 Hours

TR3 original engine bored out to 2.2l

Preparation head and balancing of moving parts

Double 45 DCOE Weber carburettors

Camshaft Newman "race"

Oil Cooler

72 spoke rims 6 inches wide

165x80 R15 tires

Unsynchronized box Moss 4 speed, first

12 Volt , negative ground

Australian new rear deck

Alternator , electric fan, electronic ignition

Sides hood and black –screen

Archetypal English roadster, Morgan epitomizes the philosophy of these cars: an elegant and sporty line , a separate chassis and simple , reliable and economical technical solutions , content weight - between 800 and 900 kg depending on engine - a driving position to the ground and a very comfortable ... summary. These driving sensations forgotten today are intense and you back closer to the road. This magical recipe and proven thousand times will constantly reviewed and improved by successive small buttons allowing Morgan to be the only English roadster 50s still in production. .

All TOK 258 Morgan enthusiasts know this car which won its class at Le Mans 24 Hours in 1962 , but was Christopher Lawrence?
The late Christopher Lawrence has built an enviable reputation in many local circuits in 1956 with his Morgan TOK 258, he decided to replace the body of the Plus 4 with that of a 4/4 , lower, to gain top speeds in the Mulsanne . Peter Morgan refused to sell her body parts claiming that Lawrence did not have the right mix models. Ignoring , buying under a false name the parts needed , Lawrence ends the car.

At that time Peter Morgan decided to support the car and noticed that the car has been modified. Dissatisfied but fair play he proposed to Lawrence to start a small series of Plus 4 Super Sport (low -line) , based transformations Christopher , the latter being responsible for supplying engines prepared . Thus , in addition to the hundreds of cars produced by the factory in this configuration until May 1968 the company LAWRENCE TUNE manufactured for customers of Morgan over 300 engines meet the specifications Super Sports.

In 1961 , he decided to put his car in the European races. At this news , his terrified family successful through legal means to prohibit him from participating in the event with TOK 258, with Richard Shepherd Barron future teammate . Chris undertook to present another as a "clone" of TOK , registered RSX one painted in a pale blue, known as the factory " blue plane " scrutineering . The car had already received the stamp of the ACO on the body, when the officials asked to be immediately erased by refusing registration, arguing that it did not meet the spirit of competition , it was in fact a car transformed since 1939 was equipped with disc brakes and spoked wheels and was therefore illegal.

The real reason seems to have been caused by the pressure of Standard- Triumph that after seeing their TR3S , yet equipped with the new dual -shaft engine called " Sabrina " crushed by the Lawrence Tune - team all tracks of Great Britain did not want to risk seeing the same thing at Le Mans.

In anticipation of the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1962 , Christopher went to see Peter Morgan and asked him to put his TOK 258 at Le Mans , in the colors of Morgan, to avoid another foreclosure , painted in British Racing Green and provided with a white hard top .

During the race limiting to a minimum pit stops (28 minutes ) crew Lawrence / Shepherd Barron épreuve13eme the end and win his class ( 1604 to 2000 cm3) after traveling 3629 km at an average speed in excess of 151km little / h .

His success is legendary and as you can see from the logs ACO technical audits , chassis number 4840 , bearing the registration number " 258 TOK " gave Morgan a GT class win 2 liters , the most beautiful winners Morgan at Le Mans.

Morgan plus 4 Super Sport


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