Triumph TR3 B

Triumph TR3 B

TRIUMPH Type TR3 B equipped eligible Rallye Tour Auto

Rare model, only imported in the USA, can be unique in France.

Matching Number
Colour Matching
Chassis Number: TCF / 202X-L
Engine Number: TCF / 2056-E
Body Number: 2521-TSF
Description LHD, North American Export
TR4 engine, cylinder Number: 4 - 2138cc displacement
Transmission TR4 (first synchro)
TR4 Bridge
Head TR4
Color Signal Red - HERE CODE 2859
Interior: Black
Capote: Black Vehicle weight 935 kg
Date of construction: 09/12/1962
Date Factory: 18/09/1962 Date exit registration: 28/02/1963
Comes Standard TriumphMotor Company Inc., Los Angeles, USA

Details of Factory Fitted Equipment:
590X15 tubed tires Goodyear, Heater, Windscreen washers, black tonneau cover, Rationalised gearbox, Miles-per-hour speedometer

Other Information This Was vehicle shipped from the King George Dock, Hull, Yorkshire, aboard the vessel "Buffalo".

This TR3B TCF-series (2804 copies) is probably one of the rarest TR3, by far the most sought
The Triumph TR3B is a very endearing car for all authentic British sports-car enthusiasts, as it offers unparalleled sensation of speed when the leading hair in the wind and bend the door, whatever the weather even With bad faux hood, removable protection for rain.
The arrival of the TR4 has not prevented the sale of TR3 who knew a great success in the United States. The Triumph TR3 will still be sold alongside the new TR4, in an improved version that fans have dubbed Triumph TR3B.
This TR3 B is over-equipped (parts prices without labor):
Faux hood, sliding windows
Tonneau cover
Double brake system
Overdrive € 2,618.00
Line Exhaust stainless € 320.00
Aluminum rocker cover € 160.00
Carter oil aluminum € 253.00
Reverse lights € 60.98
Fog lights € 71.50
Detachable wind deflectors € 230.00
Rack (Véronique) € 404.00
Chrono Double € 300.00
Tripmaster € 800.00
Motolita steering wheel and center boss € 300.00
Map reading light € 141.00
Walnut gear box € 191.00
Rack with flashing block driving € 910.00
Aluminum radiator € 1,084.00
Fan Kenlowe € 278.15
Electronic ignition € 330.00
Stabilizer bars front and rear € 546.00
Alternator € 692.00
Starter Hight Tech € 332.00
Circuit breaker € 80.00
Minilite wheels € 700.00
Anti-roll bar € 447.00
Harness approved road € 314.00

The TR3B was an evolution of the commercially TR3A which was a great success it was released only in North America and was never officially available in Europe.
Triumph did not intend to produce another car with removable windows after the judgment of the TR3A, but dealers in North America thought that the new TR4 was too sophisticated. To appease the Triumph dealers decided to produce a final batch of TR3, also partly to use the funds TR3A that were still in stock at the factory in Canley. The TR3B was produced from March 1962 to October 1962 a total of 3,331 copies, making it one of the rarest models of the family of TR.
The TR3B were produced by the Forward Radiator Company, using the same tooling as the parent company, Mulliner was used to produce the TR2 and TR3. The five hundred first cars were virtually the same as the TR3A, the only difference being the serial number: TSF. The US market for Triumph was so important, they envisagèrent a while mounting a TR3A box on the wider chassis TR4; this would have led to the wider wings to fit. Two of these cars were built: one in black and one in red and known as Beta, the two prototypes still exist. The TR3B was preferred for production because it used body panels TR3 standards that were already available. These cars are very rare (530 copies), but the TCF series that followed has greater interest. TR3B TCF-series (2804 copies) is probably the most accomplished cars with removable windows, by far the most sought after. TR4 2138cc engine equipped and fully synchronized gear box of the TR4, she showed more interest than the first TR4. They all had the 2138cc engine coupled to the gearbox 4 TR4 all synchronized speeds. Although the number of speeds remained the same, the additional space required to synchronize the first rate justified the new aluminum casing which was therefore not interchangeable with unsynchronized first box of previous models. Gear ratios have been modified to adapt to the greater torque than the 2-liter engine. The gearbox control has also been modified to reduce the play in the link speed. Most TR3A specifications were unchanged, including the overdrive unit and disc brakes on the front wheels, which were introduced in 1957.
Chassis numbers.
TSF1 to TSF530
TCF1 to TCF2804 (TR4 engine and fully synchronized gearbox)

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